Listen to Your Mother: Portland

Last year I was honored and thrilled to be part of the Listen to Your Mother: Portland cast. A friend had mentioned the upcoming auditions on Facebook. When I emailed to request an audition my hands were trembling as I typed. I wanted to vomit. Then I went to my audition. And I wanted to vomit. And then I was cast. And then I may have, actually, tossed a few.

Being on stage, sharing my story about my daughter with Down syndrome, was the first time in the process I didn’t feel nauseous. Something about sharing your story, I don’t know, it changes you. It releases you. I felt free.

This year for 2016 I am even happier to be back with Listen to Your Mother, this time as producer, working with the lovely Carisa Miller, who directs and inspires.

If you are one of the darlings who helped us pack the Alberta Rose Theater last spring…THANK YOU! If you aspire to darling-ness in 2016, take your first step by clicking here.