Update: Criminal Activity

100% guilty

In an earlier post I described our lovely, relaxing beach vacation and the–SMACK–speeding ticket I earned on the drive home. Just for a little update, I did send Polk County the check for $260 which constituted 87 percent of what I’d saved for my children’s Christmas.* I also sent a letter saying how sorry and embarrassed I was. Which was true. I’m STILL sorry and embarrassed.

50% forgiven

However, a few weeks later I found a check from Polk County refunding half of my bail money. What a nice surprise. Christmas is back on!** I don’t know if it’s really called bail money. But saying bail sounds serious and reminds me again of what a serious mistake I made and–lest the refund gets me too excited– brings me back down to feeling properly guilty and worried about all the other mistakes I am capable of. But for now, I’m ordering my son’s new Lego kit.

*I don’t think Christmas is all about presents.

**I don’t think Christmas is all about presents.